• TS35 DIN Rail

TS35 DIN Rail 35mm

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TS35 DIN Rail 35mm


Material: high quality and strength cold rolled steel with  electroplate 
Yellow plated nickel
Silver plated zinc
Product standard: EN50022

Item No. Material Supporting Packing/
Outer width/Outer height/  tools carton
 Din Rails   TS-1/TS-5
TS-35/7.5 Catena
TS-35/7.5/1.0/1M-615 Colorful zinc steel 50M
TS-35/7.5/1.0/1M-515 Colorful zinc steel 50M
TS-35/7.5/1.0/1M-525 Colorful zinc steel 50M
TS-35/7.5/1.0/1M/W-615 ROHS approve steel 50M
TS-35/7.5/1.0/1M/W-515 ROHS approve steel 50M
TS-35/7.5/1.0/1M/W-525 ROHS approve steel 50M
TS-35/7.5/1.0/2M-615 Colorful zinc steel 100M
TS-35/7.5/1.0/2M-515 Colorful zinc steel 100M
TS-35/7.5/1.0/2M-525 Colorful zinc steel 100M
TS-35/7.5/1.0/2M/W-615 ROHS approve steel 100M
TS-35/7.5/1.0/2M/W-515 ROHS approve steel 100M
TS-35/7.5/1.0/2M/W-525 ROHS approve steel 100M
TS-35/7.5/1.0/1M-N Colorful zinc without hole steel 50M
TS-35/7.5/1.0/1M/W-N ROHS approve without hole steel 50M
TS-35/7.5/1.0/2M-N Colorful zinc without hole steel 100M
TS-35/7.5/1.0/2M/W-N ROHS approve without hole steel 100M
TS-35/15 Catena
TS-35/15/1.5/1M-615 Colorful zinc steel TS-2/TS-5 30M
TS-35/15/1.5/1M/W-615 ROHS approve steel 30M
TS-35/15/1.5/2M-615 Colorful zinc steel 60M
TS-35/15/1.5/2M/W-615 ROHS approve steel 60M
TS-35/15/1.5/1M-N Colorful zinc without hole steel 30M
TS-35/15/1.5/1M/W-N ROHS approve without hole steel 30M
TS-35/15/1.5/2M-N Colorful zinc without hole steel 60M
TS-35/15/1.5/2M/W-N ROHS approve without hole steel 60M
TS-15/5.5 Catena
TS-15/5.5/1.0/1M-412 Colorful zinc steel 100M
TS-15/5.5/1.0/2M-412 Colorful zinc steel 200M
TS-15/5.5/1.0/1M/W-412 ROHS approve steel 100M
TS-15/5.5/1.0/2M/W-412 ROHS approve steel 200M
TS-15/5.5/1.0/1M-N Colorful zinc without hole steel 100M
TS-15/5.5/1.0/2M-N Colorful zinc without hole steel 200M
TS-15/5.5/1.0/1M/W-N ROHS approve without hole steel 100M
TS-15/5.5/1.0/2M/W-N ROHS approve without hole steel 200M